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binary commentA friend of mine gave me a late 90s Mountain Bike... Eagle model Eclipse. I checked it and a realized it was very good, no rust and no big problems. So I decided to invest some time and some money to transform it in a Monster Gravel Cross.  My goal was to restore it as well as I could and to change tyres installing a model more sliding and less extreme but the main change it would be installing a road handlebar. This bike install a 7x3 groupset/chainring and it is very difficult to find the correct road shifters/levers but I eventually found them on Aliexpress and I bought them immediately.

I had decided the goal the project: remove the stickers on the frameset to make it more captivating, disassemble everything, reviewing all the components, fix what's necessary, greasing and reassembling... So I started my challenge! I disassembled/reassembled even the rim of the wheels using very ool green nipples!

The result is awesome! I tried it on the road and on a track made for this kind of bike and my sensations was very good. The bike is very sliding and comfortable even if it has not any suspension. Tyres are gripping when riding off road and sliding on the road. I think this bike is perfect for bikepacking and/or bike touring also due to the steel frameset.

 You can find it for sale here:

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